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Here I have gathered the links that You can find on the other pages so that You can easily find that special link You forgot to add in Your bookmark file...

You will also find some other links that probably will be found in some page in the future. I have given some comments on the different sites so You can decide if it is interesting. If You want me to put a link to some other site, e-mail me on qrt.hallberg2bredband.net!


This link goes to NewPhys. A site that The Swedish Association for New Physics runs. Here You can find material connected to free energy and alternative physics. Among other links You can find connection to KeelyNet and Electromagnum. The virtual paper FNYSIK is also to be found here.



This fine site is run by my friend Jens Landgré. It contains written material by Viktor and Walter Schauberger. However, it is mostly on Swedish (work more harder Jens ...;-)  ) but Jens is continously working with the translation. You can read about the book "Living Water" and some anecdotes from Viktors life here, in English as well! Here is also a gallery that contains some interesting pictures on Viktor, the Repulsin and Viktors special channels that he used to float timber in.



About Viktor Schauberger and his devotion to water

Pythagoras Kepler System by Viktor and Walter Schauberger



Jean-Louise Naudins excellent site. TEST this link You can find an astonishing picture material here



This is the link to the Watreco homepage

watreCo loggaVITNY


Site 1:
Jump to David Dennards homepage. David have developed a vortex idea that have similar properties as Viktor Schaubergers ideas.



This is a very informative and serius site. Professor Alfred Evert gives a scientific view on the subject. He also have some interesting proposals on different devices. Here You can order Prof. Everts books where You can find a more deep explanation of his scientific work.



This link is to the page on Earthpulse where Jeanne Manning gives some comments new energy



The Josef Hasslberger page of Economy, Physics and New Energy



Video clip on Egg shaped aerator


Video clip showing the development of a vortex

in a BIG barrel


Video clip showing Watreco's (our) RealIce device













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